Two Interviews: Hartnagel and Wittenstein (Annotated)

Transcription of Ruth Sachs' April 30, 1995 interview with Hartnagels and interview with Wittenstein in January 2001.

The "Protokolle" of these interviews were sent to the respective interviewee for transcription approval.

Since recent books, interviews, and essays contradict some of the content of these two interviews, Ruth Sachs felt it was important to get these documents out where other researchers could utilize them. If nothing else, a good tool in the historiography of White Rose scholarship and the ever-shifting sands of Scholl/Wittenstein words.

The Hartnagel interview is provided in its original German, along with English translation. (Wittenstein interview was conducted in English.)

ISBN 0-9767183-3-2. Printed on acid-free paper.

Two Interviews: Hartnagel and Wittenstein (Annotated)
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