White Rose History Volume 2: Excel workbooks.

Three Excel workbooks designed to aid the serious scholar in tracking people and events of White Rose History Volume 2 (by Ruth Hanna Sachs).

These are the same Excel workbooks Ruth used while writing Volume 2. They helped her stay focused and accurate while dealing with so much data.

Excel workbook #1: Leaflet Mailing, Summer 1942. This workbook makes the Gestapo's list of names and addresses (people who turned in their copies of Leaflets #1 - 4) completely sortable. Enables analysis of where leaflets were posted (location, date, time), recipient, leaflets received, and the like.

Excel workbook #2: Gestapo Agents and Denunciations. Defines which agent interrogated which White Rose individual or searched a house, which White Rose person denounced whom and the severity of the denunciation, and prison transfers. Sortable by agent, White Rose person, date, etc.

Excel workbook #3: Names Index. Lists each major player of the White Rose, and where known, birth date, birth place, place of residence, and primary connection to White Rose. Sortable by each field.

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Mailed on Read-Only CD-ROM.

White Rose History Volume 2: Excel workbooks.
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