White Rose History, Volume II: Regular Edition

White Rose History, Volume II: Journey to Freedom (May 1, 1942 to October 12, 1943) ~ The Unfinished Story.

History of the White Rose, by Ruth Hanna Sachs. Resistance activities of the friends known as the White Rose, from their decision to produce leaflets to their executions.

Exciting story with NOTHING fictionalized. Explores what made them choose the leaflet method, who participated in the inner workings of the group, who helped with "errands" and such, and who supported from the fringe.

If you know the White Rose legend as it's been told the last sixty years, you are in for some real surprises, and real tears. These were honest-to-goodness heroes who deserve remembering as they truly were.

Book is subtitled "The Unfinished Story" as some Gestapo transcripts remain blocked, and Scholl Archives are censored.

Regular edition (for younger readers and casual nonfiction fans) includes illustrations but no footnotes.

Note: Binding is unorthodox - we use three-ring binders for these books, because of the updates that are added to them. You will appreciate the unusual approach the first time you receive and read one of these updates!

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The day we announce a hard cover edition of these volumes ~ that's the day you will know that all archives have been thrown wide open and the full story is finally known.

ISBN 09767183-1-6. Printed on acid-free paper. 649 pages.
White Rose History, Volume II: Regular Edition
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