Friendships in the White Rose, by Lieselotte Ramdohr

English translation of Lilo Ramdohr's excellent memoirs, edited by her grandson Domenic Saller.

"Lilo" best captured the heart and soul of the group of friends now known as the White Rose. Courageously fearful (or fearfully courageous), she was not directly involved with their resistance work. But she allowed Schurik use of her apartment to store leftover leaflets and to design "seditious" graffiti templates.

She knew these friends as people and describes them with eyes of love and compassion. Herta Probst (widow of Christoph Probst) describes Lilo's book as the most important one ever written about the White Rose. Unsurprisingly, since Lilo does not toe the line of German White Rose establishment, her book is "banned" from the library of the White Rose Foundation (Weisse-Rose-Stiftung) in Munich.

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Release date: October 11, 2012.

Friendships in the White Rose, by Lieselotte Ramdohr
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