White Rose History, Volume I: Academic version/2003 Update

White Rose History, Volume I: Coming Together (The 2003 Update). By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Topics covered in the 2003 update include:
*How Traute Lafrenz and Alexander Schmorell became friends;
*The narrative of Hans Scholl's buendische/Hitler Youth trip to Sweden in 1936. He and his band of friends come alive. You will laugh at their languid lakes and sparkling trees, and nod knowingly when Hans tries to show off and nearly wrecks their (stolen) rowboat;
*Additional positive aspects of Hans Scholl's personality as told by former army comrades during the occupation of Paris in 1940;
*More information about Willi Graf's home life as a teenager. You will gain immense respect for this young man as you read how he stood up to family pressure to 'go along', especially since his father helped establish the Nazi party in the Saarland;
*Information about the Nazi paramilitary group Willi briefly joined;
*Sophie Scholl's years as a Hitler Youth leader, including narrative from eyewitnesses who said they feared her for her fanaticism during this period;
*The emphatically thorny issue of Hans Scholl's sexual crimes. Note that the details are covered only in the academic version of this update, since the update to the regular edition may be read by younger students;
*The post-war revisionism practiced by Susanne and Hans Hirzel. Her memoirs VOM JA ZUM NEIN were quite good. Recently, she has adopted a "Hitler did not know" viewpoint; and,
*Information about mentors such as Richard Scheringer and Pfarrer Franz Weiss who have been ignored in most extant White Rose histories.

Printed on acid-free paper. Three-hole punched for addition to White Rose History Volume I binder. 96 pages.

White Rose History, Volume I: Academic version/2003 Update
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