White Rose History, Volume I: Regular edition/2007 Update

White Rose History, Volume I: Coming Together (The 2007 Update). By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Topics covered in the 2007 update include:
*How Fritz Hartnagel's military service influenced Sophie's political views;
*Robert Mohr's evolution from super-nationalistic cop to Gestapo officer, and his son's perspective on that life;
*Christoph Probst's youth, especially how his friendship with Alexander Schmorell mutually affected their desire to DO something;
*Sophie Scholl's troubled mental state and her problematic relationship with Fritz Hartnagel;
*Additional background information (parental home, schooling, Hitler Youth association, political development) for Hans and Susanne Hirzel, Gisela Schertling, and Falk Harnack; and,
*In the academic version only, a detailed analysis of Scholl censorship, comparing the recently released Scholl/Hartnagel correspondence to the 'edited' letters that Inge Scholl allowed Inge Jens to publish.

While the Sophie-and-Fritz update fills in gaps, especially regarding Sophie's inability to love or be loved, it's the "Alex and Christl" sections that illuminate the true beginnings of the White Rose. You will comprehend why we fight so hard to keep the White Rose from being a Scholl-centric tale. What Alex and Christl thought, did, planned, and pondered while the Scholls were comfortably within the Nazi fold - you will be astounded.

Please note: The updates to the regular edition are free and will ship automatically to individual customers who have purchased Volume I. This item is solely for libraries, wholesalers, and other corporate customers.

Printed on acid-free paper. Three-hole punched for insertion in three-ring binders. 170 pages.

White Rose History, Volume I: Regular edition/2007 Update
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