White Rose History, Volume II: Regular edition/2007 Update

White Rose History, Volume II: Journey to Freedom (The 2007 Update). By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Topics covered in the 2007 update include:
*Additional information about Christoph Probst's involvement in White Rose activities, and how his family learned of his arrest and execution;
*Alex Schmorell's interrogations in full (the original History included only the parts that had been excerpted and referenced in the interrogations of others);
*More about how Fritz Hartnagel's military service, especially his deployment in Stalingrad, influenced Sophie's political views;
*Robert Scholl's connections to high-ranking Gestapo and National Socialists;
*Debunking of the image of Robert Mohr as a "sympathetic" Gestapo agent; and,
*Better understanding of Sophie's relationship (or lack of one) with Fritz Hartnagel.

Please note: The updates to the regular edition are free and ship automatically to individuals who have purchased Volume I. This item is only for libraries, wholesalers, and other corporate customers.

White Rose History, Volume II: Regular edition/2007 Update
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