White Rose History, Volume II: Academic version/2007 Update

White Rose History, Volume II: Journey to Freedom (The 2007 Update). Academic version. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Topics covered in the 2007 update include:
*Additional information about Christoph Probst's involvement in White Rose activities, and how his family learned of his arrest and execution;
*Alex Schmorell's interrogations in full (the original History included only the parts that had been excerpted and referenced in the interrogations of others);
*More about how Fritz Hartnagel's military service, especially his deployment in Stalingrad, influenced Sophie's political views;
*Robert Scholl's connections to high-ranking Gestapo and National Socialists;
*Debunking of the image of Robert Mohr as a "sympathetic" Gestapo agent; and,
*Better understanding of Sophie's relationship (or lack of one) with Fritz Hartnagel.

Printed on acid-free paper. Three-hole punched for easy insertion into three-ring binder. 117 pages.

White Rose History, Volume II: Academic version/2007 Update
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