White Rose History: The Ultimate CD-ROM. 1933 - 1945.

White Rose History: The Ultimate CD-ROM. 1933 - 1945.

History of the White Rose on CD-ROM. By Ruth Hanna Sachs. Includes music and video. E-Book version of the three-volume White Rose histories.

CD-ROM includes White Rose Histories Volume I and Volume II; primary source materials (ZC13267, NJ1704, Wittenstein-Hartnagel interview, Robert Mohr, Buendische Trials, Third White Rose Trial); the Excel workbooks; and plenty of photography. If each item were purchased separately in print version, price would be $325.

This item may only ship to individuals for private research. Cannot ship to libraries or book wholesalers or other corporate customers!

Notes to the September 2008 release: Because so many people have expressed interest in this version of our History, we've opted to release this in two phases. The September 2008 release includes only the first two volumes with all updates, linking to Gestapo interrogation transcripts and other publishable materials.

We have also incorporated still photography, along with our line drawings, in this CD-ROM. It will have some music, but not extensive compositions to support the musical interludes of the story, e.g. the concerts they attended.

NOTE RE SHIPPING: Because our e-Commerce provider cannot handle USPS Flat Rate envelopes, we have deleted shipping for this item and added a required option for mailing. This will lower your costs dramatically, since the CD-ROM does *not* need to be shipped in a package.

Additionally, the update for this volume (to include White Rose History Volume III) has been delayed till 2013, because of the delay of the release of WR III. Please note that no matter when WR III ships, you will receive the updated CD-ROM free of charge at that time. Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.

White Rose History: The Ultimate CD-ROM. 1933 - 1945.
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