"Take Me Along" White Rose Travel Guide

A unique travel guide to help the curious traveler locate (and better enjoy) sites connected with White Rose activities. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Ever wondered how you could plan a trip to Germany that would enable you to find all the places that were meaningful to Christl, Willi, Traute, Sophie, Hans, Schurik, and the rest? Well, now all this information is collected into a single publication!

Includes general travel tips, brief histories of Munich and Ulm, walking tours of Munich and Ulm (White Rose specific), walking tour of Whtie Rose graffiti operation in Munich, map of Perlacher Forest Cemetery, and White Rose places in the rest of Germany.

Customizable version: Tell us when you're going, and we will add calendar and diary pages bound into the guide, so you can take notes as you travel. Includes additional information not available in the simpler version. Every "Take Me Along" guide also includes a fun surprise, unique to each order. No two exactly alike!

Also entitles customer to downloadable Google maps of printed maps included in guide.

ISBN: 978-0-9822984-4-2. Printed on acid-free paper. 48 pages plus maps.

"Take Me Along" White Rose Travel Guide
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