Gestapo Interrogation Transcripts: Graf, Schmorell (NJ 1704)

English translation of Gestapo interrogation transcripts for Willi Graf and Alexander Schmorell, NJ 1704. Translated by Ruth Sachs.

This is the translator's favorite of all the Gestapo interrogation transcripts!

Includes: Indictment, trial "transcript", and verdict from the White Rose trial dated April 19, 1943; Willi Graf's complete and exhaustive interrogations; partial interrogations of Alexander Schmorell (not everything is available from the Bundesarchiv yet); extensive clemency petitions on behalf of Willi Graf; execution volumes for Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf; miscellaneous legal correspondence, including appointment of defense counsel; trial expenses; personal effects of Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf; correspondence regarding loss of Willi Graf's farewell letter and "misplacement" of his corpse.

This volume would make an excellent graduation gift, and is well suited for advanced middle graders (e.g. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, confirmands). If you know an idealist who (luckily for the rest of the world) believes that wrongs should be righted, this is the book for them!

ISBN 0-9710541-3-4. 260 pages. Printed on acid free paper.


Gestapo Interrogation Transcripts: Graf, Schmorell (NJ 1704)
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