Translation of old family documents.

Translation of old family documents at a special "genealogy" rate. This translation service includes old cursive and Fraktur. German to English only.

Price is per page. One page = 450 English words. Pages with more than 555 English words will be billed as 1.5 pages with additional charges invoiced upon completion of project, but prior to shipping.

Translations longer than 25 pages will be comb-bound free of charge.

Verbatim Report (sm) of unusual word usage and the nuances of the original document comes free with every translation.

Document turnaround: 5 - 7 business days per ten pages of text. No extra charge for standard turnaround. Rush jobs: 2 - 4 business days per ten pages of text: Add $50 for every ten pages. Urgent jobs: Overnight turnaround for ten pages of text or less, add $250.

$50/page price equals $0.09 word, approximately 1/3 the commercial rate for professional translation!

Translation of old family documents.
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Price $50.00

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