Itinerary assistance

We will help you plan your itinerary to Germany and other central European countries, in your quest to find your roots.

We are not a travel agency, but we're quite good at putting together a trip for just about any budget. Whether you're going to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, former East Prussia, Romania, Hungary, or other Teutonic destinations, we'll find great hotels or bed-and-breakfasts.

You tell us how much detail you want, and you're on your way!

Service is also available for UK, Ireland, and Israel.

Price quoted is half our commercial rate. And note: If you would like for one of us to accompany you as interpreter and private tour guide, please contact us for an additional quote.

The way it works: The $50 fee entitles you to a comprehensive questionnaire about the trip you would like to undertake. We issue you a report with a recommended itinerary and estimated costs. If you accept our report, we will deduct the $50 fee from your final bill. Please contact us for additional information.

Itinerary assistance
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