Buendische Trials (Scholl / Reden): 1937-1938

English translation of the transcripts of the arrest, interrogation, and trial of Hans and Werner Scholl, and Ernst Reden. November 1937-June 1938. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

This translation refutes the notion that Hans Scholl was arrested for smuggling currency and other minor "buendische" infractions.

Besides the unexpected insights into Hans Scholl's character and some of the troubling aspects of Scholl family life, these documents allow historians of the period to catch a first-hand glimpse of an unusual element of the history of the Third Reich. The trial was ostensibly about illegal youth activity and lewd acts with minors. But there is a sense that the "crimes" were little more than an excuse to scare a society into total submission, since the crimes were - in the end - designated as insignificant breaches of conduct.

Please note that the names of the teenage boys who were involved in this trial have been changed to protect their identities.

WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT! Cannot be shipped to students under 18 years old.

ISBN 0-9710541-2-6. Printed on acid-free paper. 61 pages plus appendix.

Buendische Trials (Scholl / Reden): 1937-1938
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