Management consulting. The Whatever-You-Need category.

We have learned that there are intangibles outside the pure realm of finance and administration that make a company profitable.

Here are some of our ideas that could allow your company to grow. Faster and better.

Business writing:
* Press releases. Announce a new product, a new store, a new hire! Keep your name in the news. We can handle local, regional, national, and international coverage. Discounts available for long-term contract.
* Flyers and brochures. We can accommodate any budget or taste. Four-color or black-and white, slick paper or simple printing. We will tell your prospects what you wish them to hear, packaging it in an attractive format.
* Newsletters, et cetera. We will target any audience you wish ~ employees ("what's new"), customers ("new products"), or prospects ("why us"). If you can say it, we can write it.
* Web sites and E-Commerce (online catalogs). Like what you see here? Believe it or not, you can afford a Web presence! It may not be fancy, but it can be effective. Small companies only!
* Ghostwritten speeches. Whether you are addressing a small group of your co-workers, or a conference of your peers, we can make the words that come out of your mouth more professional and coherent.
* Company history. Every once in a while, it is good to greet your company's future by documenting its past. Whether you are celebrating five years in business or fifty, let us capture it in a way you will treasure for years to come. We will interview your earliest employees, chat with the most recent hire. We will read old correspondence to get a sense of how business has been done historically, and we will contact all employees asking for new memories. Then we will put it all together in a commemorative volume, together with photographs and other memorabilia. You can use it as a marketing tool if you wish. But primarily, a company history is a way of saying thanks to the people who got you where you are.

* Who is your competition? What do they do differently ~ for better or for worse? We will do a market analysis for you that will allow you to sell your product or services more effectively.
* Do you sell commercial or residential real estate in southern California? Have you tried to convince your prospective clients of the intrinsic historic value of a property? Let us help you by putting together a short history of the house or building. Who lived there? How has that place been interwoven into the fabric of the community?
*Wondering about the company you want to do business with? Interested in the public image of an executive you are considering hiring? We will research that corporation or individual on the Web and in archived newspapers and magazines, presenting you with a concise ~ or expanded ~ report of their published activities. (Please note: No "private eye" investigations.)

Fun Stuff!
OK, so "fun stuff" won't necessarily make you more profitable or help you break through a glass ceiling. But we all need to kick back and enjoy ourselves now and then, right?

If you fear your company has gotten into a rut that destroys your sense of purpose and unity, call us! Tell us what you can budget for a fun day, how many people are to be involved, and we will do the rest.

You do not have to take your crew to Disneyland to have a good time. Sometimes all the fun you need is in your own backyard. Suggested activities: Company picnic... Croquet tournament... Scavenger hunt related to your business... Chili cook-off... Meet a Celebrity Day.

Note: "Fun Stuff" will obviously be most cost-effective if your company is located in southern California.

Pricing: $400 per half-day (four hours). Minimum contract: Half day (four hours). Discounts available for contracts lasting one or two weeks, or one month. Ask us for a quote.

No cost for Travel or Meals if within 10 mile radius of Burbank, CA. Actual expenses plus 10% surcharge will be charged for longer distances. Note that we are more willing to negotiate travel and meal expenses for longer-term contracts.


Management consulting. The Whatever-You-Need category.
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