Jotter's Blotter

Creative writing workbook, by Ruth Hanna Sachs. Illustrated by D. E. Heap. Series of 12 lessons designed to help the beginning writer develop skills required to get published.

Table of contents:
Part One: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Finding Stories in Gramma's Attic
Chapter 2: Notebooks Unplugged
Chapter 3: Organizing Your Desk

Part Two: Finding Your Voice
Chapter 4: What Sound Does Red Make?
Chapter 5: The Poet's Voice. In Prose?
Chapter 6: To Slang Or Not To Slang

Part Three: Working Past Writer's Block
Chapter 7: Say What?
Chapter 8: The Daily Inquirer
Chapter 9: Writer's Haunts

Part Four: Outside the Box
Chapter 10: The Case for Nonfiction Novels
Chapter 11: Multiculturalism in Everyday Life
Chapter 12: Your Own Backyard

Bonus Rounds
For writers who purchase personalized critique of all twelve of the above chapters, the following bonus rounds are available free of charge:
* The Successful Interview
* Beauty of the Back Door

Book includes information for purchase of individualized critique of the writing exercises included in each chapter.

ISBN: 9780971054110. Printed on acid-free paper.

Jotter's Blotter
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