The Generation. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Sci-fi "letter novel" by Ruth Hanna Sachs.

As the story opens, the reader gets to know Joanie Goldstern shortly before her 18th birthday on September 13, 1996. Her letters are introduced by Mrs. Sarah Spielberg and Dr. Baruch at the Congress for Peace, in the year 4016.

Set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Generation involves the teenage angst of Joanie's high-school life and a boyfriend away in college. A strange man, evidently a friend of Joanie's rabbi, approaches her with a proposition: If she provides his unnamed group in Israel with a weekly report on the questions and answers she uncovers that week, they will give her a Discover card in her own name, with unlimited credit.

Ruth's well-crafted novel leads the reader from a world set in the recent past, when peace in the Middle East briefly seemed attainable, to a future time and space when black and white no longer equal gray.

This book will delight science fiction, fantasy, and political science readers alike!

Printed on acid-free paper.

The Generation. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.
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