How to Deal with the Unethical Boss. A novel by Alma Thieme.

Novel by Alma Thieme. With illustrations and foreword by D. E. Heap.

Denise Heap initially planned to write a nonfiction work outlining how regular employees and middle management could work in an unethical environment. She had seen a great deal of this firsthand from her early years with a German-owned company whose CEO kept his father's Nazi war medals on prominent display, to the grief Ken Lay caused her father, to an alcoholic boss who seemed to drink 24/7 and could become physically abusive.

After developing her synopsis and beginning in-depth researcj, Denise decided that in the end, there is no way to deal with an unethical boss. Choices are limited, as whistle-blower protections are in fact practically unenforceable for all but the wealthy or well-connected.

She therefore handed her notes over to Alma Thieme, who hewed a semi-autobiographical novel in Denise's voice from the material.

Printed on acid-free paper.

How to Deal with the Unethical Boss. A novel by Alma Thieme.
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