Cookbook for Germans in America (For the 21st Century)

Practical translation and update of 1879 landmark cookbook by Henriette Davidis. Translation by Ruth Hanna Sachs. Update by Denise Heap and Joyce Light.

This is a cookbook you can use! We've preserved the more interesting aspects of 1879 cookery (e.g., how to wash and knead butter) in the translation. But the old "verbatim" recipes include updates for the 21st century chef.

Striking about the recipes: How plain most of them are. Our sense of gourmet, even as applied to German food, has changed noticeably over the years. Cookbook includes "+125" notes that modernize the recipes and get them in line with contemporary expectations... without disturbing the original flavors.

Recipes by section include:
Desserts - Westfalian butter cake, Mannheimer Kuchen, three kinds of cherry cake, four kinds of Lebkuchen, puddings, German-American biscuits, and arme Ritter.

Meats - Westphalian Goose, Roast Thrush, three kinds of Sauerbraten, Rump Steak in Beer, plus how to cook brain, ox tongue, and calve's feet. Some recipes sound yummy - an old-fashioned way to prepare favorite standards - but others remind you that in the "good old days" people ate everything and wasted nothing. [The recipe for roasting dove? May come in handy depending on the state of the US economy...]

Also includes kosher versions of recipes. Where alternate meat or seafood products are acceptable and when dairy is not mandated with meat, a kosher version of the recipe is included - precisely as German-Jewish cooks have prepared meals for centuries! (Same comment applies to salads below.)

Salads - Chicken salad, two kinds of turkey salad (for leftovers, of course), lobster salad with caviar (this was for Germans in AMERICA, after all), two kinds of herring salad, and three potato salads (more if you count minor variants). Also includes alternate salad dressings, plus a recipe to make your own mayonnaise, which is a salad dressing, remember!

Soups - Beef stew, Jacobiner soup, Schlesian celery soup, beer soup with raisins, beer soup with milk, corn meal soup, chocolate soup (really!), and South German potato soup.

When we tasted the simplest potato soup - essentially the Swabian version - it was refreshing in its own way. Perfect for cool spring nights and cold winter days.

Unlike the original version from 1879, this one is printed on acid-free paper.

ISBN: 978-0-9710541-6-5.

Cookbook for Germans in America (For the 21st Century)
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