My Mom's Favorite Meals

Compilation of the recipes for the wonderful "comfort foods" we enjoyed in our home growing up. Inspired by Joyce Light.

We all know the foods that meant a lot to us growing up - and I don't mean Big Macs or pizzas.

It's the real food shared around a family table that brings us comfort as adults. Cinnamon apples, "chocolate salad", poor man's stroganoff, Hungarian goulash, chicken and dumplings, squash casserole, gumbo, Texas pot roast, banana boats...

Some dishes magically appeared to celebrate special occasions. Others? We knew Mama was trying to sweet-talk Papa into something expensive.

Only when we were all grown up did we learn that some of our favorite meals resulted from incredible ingenuity and a tight budget.

Each recipe comes with a related short-short story that is sure to make you smile as you recall your own "family table" growing p. Enjoy our favorite recipes - recipes packed with reminisces of quality family time around the dinner time. And be sure you enjoy them with your children.

Make your own memories!

My Mom's Favorite Meals
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