White Rose History Vol 1 ~ Academic version w/ updates.

This compelling volume combines an overview of Hitler's rise to power and increasingly harsh and anti-Semitic measures, with the reactions of the teenagers who later banded together to say NO!

Some like Hans and Sophie Scholl enthusiastically embraced the 'fresh new air' of National Socialism, while others like Willi Graf refused to goose-step from the beginning.

Their separate journeys to honor and justice led them to the same place at the same time: The University of Munich, in its darkest hour. Read how they overcame obstacles just to know another was there. How they laughed, danced, and loved, fought, lied, and deceived. They are us, the best of us and the worst of us. Like us, they failed on occasion ~ failed one another and failed themselves. But when it mattered most, they reached down and found the courage of their convictions.

Book is subtitled "The Unfinished Story" as some Gestapo transcripts remain blocked, and Scholl Archives are censored.

Academic version (for scholars and older students) includes footnotes but no illustrations. Regular edition (for younger readers and casual nonfiction fans) includes illustrations but no footnotes.

Note: Binding is unorthodox - we use three-ring binders for these books, because of the updates that are added to them. You will appreciate the unusual approach the first time you receive and read one of these updates!

The day we announce a hard cover edition of these volumes ~ that's the day you will know that all archives have been thrown wide open and the full story is finally known.

Updates for academic version are automatically included: 2003 and 2007 (already released) and 2009 (to be released February 2012).

Standalone price for purchase of academic version plus three updates would be $130.50. You save 25% buying the package deal! ISBN: 978-0-9710541-9-6. Printed on acid-free paper. Unfancy three-ring binding. 368 pages.

White Rose History Vol 1 ~ Academic version w/ updates.
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