One Family's Houston: Lost Places, Found Memories

Houston, Texas as seen through the eyes of the Sachs family, 1893 to 1951. By Denise Elaine Heap.

Hundreds of photographs of Houston as you've never seen her. When the farm that is now American General Building was one mile outside the city limits. When streetcars provided mass transit. When cars and telephones were novelties, and people drew water from wells in their backyards.

Supplemented with documents from the era - deed to cemetery plots in the old German Cemetery, business documents - and a great-granddaughter's record of her grandmother's narrative accompanying the pictures.

Updated April 10, 2012: Initially this book was going to be an annotated scrapbook. That is, the focus would be those incredible photographs. The "historical context" supplied by primary source documents like articles from The Houston Post was conceived as secondary to the pictures.

While the photographs are still central to the text, Houston's history became front and center. Politics, education, religion, philosophy - how each affected the young city's growth. Plus the No-Tsu-Oh Festival, German-Jewish events, concerts, sports - the traditions made (and often quickly abandoned) that formed Houston's heart at the turn of the twentieth century and for the next fifty years.

It is a more serious book than its initial blueprint. But the story is still (mostly) heartwarming.

If you're a native Houstonian, or someone who has adopted the city as your hometown, you need to read this book to understand the Place.

Release date: May 31, 2012.

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One Family's Houston: Lost Places, Found Memories
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